Heres what some of our clients say!

Cannot thank you enough Namir! My range of motion on my hip has increased so much! And no pain or stiffness. My back workout is not that painful and getting better!
I massage my rear shoulder blades using a ball every day. Can't believe the difference it made already. Thanks so much. Will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.


It was a wonderful experience. Very informative and professional. After a very in-depth consultation and explanation of the problem I have, a good amount of advice and treatment was given. I am very happy with the service and would definitely recommend him!


I arrived at my appointment with a long standing mobility issue in my shoulder that had been causing me pain, and left feeling totally renewed after the treatment.There are few businesses that can give such incredible results in less than 60 minutes - and Motion Therapy is definitely one of those. Namir has a wonderful ability to put you at ease right away and he clearly has great empathy for his clients. I'm very impressed with the way in which he is able to communicate his extensive medical, technical and therapeutic knowledge in a down to earth and easy to understand way. It's been invaluable to gain an insight into what was causing my issue and how it can be resolved and my aftercare programme is wonderfully professional and personal. Most importantly, the treatment itself was focussed and highly effective. I'm thrilled with the outcome. Namir delivers on his promise to alleviate pain and restore health and I thoroughly recommend his services.


Namir provides a superb service. He undertook a friendly in depth consultation before giving me a quality treatment session. Afterwards I better understood the cause of my injury as well as ways to avoid it in the future and was given a number of exercises to strengthen the troubled area. I will definitely be seeing him again in the future should I have any further issues!


I have had Namir as a therapist and he made me realise that just manipulation was only part of what I needed. He was very good at taking his time to sort out my problem areas using a mixture of the therapies and it was fantastic.


Namir really helped me while i was training for a marathon. After my initial assessment he knew i had the potential for serious injury if i did not change my current training plan. Namir Introduced new stretching and training exercises into my routine and his in-depth knowledge and treatment techniques ensured my training and long distance running improved after the course of treatment.
I would not hesitate to recommend Namir and Motion Therapy and would like to thank him for all the help, support and encouragement he gave to me.