Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have new procedures in place to ensure clients and therapist safety. Please carefully read below before attending your face-to-face appointment with us.

My responsibility to you:
• I confirm that:

  • I do not have COVID-19 symptoms
  • No one in my family has COVID 19 symptoms
  • I have not returned from a country where COVID 19 symptoms are prevalent
  • I will ensure that all PPE I wear is either cleaned or replaced in between patients
  • I will ensure that all equipment used is thoroughly cleaned (according to our cleaning checklist) in between patients
  • As part of our GDPR policy, I may be required to provide your contact details to the NHS Track and Trace System if, after your treatment, I display symptoms of COVID 19 or if I am notified by the NHS Track and Trace System of having been in contact with an individual who has displayed COVID 19 symptoms.
  • I will have put everything in place to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID 19 but will still need to report everyone I have had contact with, and this will mean passing on your data to the track and trace team - details about this are stated in our GDPR policy (

Before you come to the clinic:

  • You should have completed our online COVID screening form
  • You must bring and wear your own mask
  • Please feel free to bring your own hand sanitizer
  • We may need to pass your details onto the contact tracing

Arriving at the clinic:

  • When you arrive at the clinic you can park in the car park behind the clinic on White Field Avenue or in any available space on Earls court road (roadside parking is available). I will be the only clinician in the clinic during our consultation so that there is no risk that you will make contact other patients/practitioners.
  • When you arrive at the clinic the main door will be closed, please press the doorbell/camera and I will greet you in the foyer.
  • Please arrive at the time of your appointment - we are staggering appointments to avoid overlap so please do not arrive early or late.

You will be asked the following questions upon arrival:

  • Do you currently have a high temperature/fever?
  • Have you developed a continuous cough?
  • Have you had a loss of taste or smell?

This communication via the doorbell camera will be recorded and placed on your clinic notes.
There will be a number of safety and hygiene signs in the clinic - please follow the guidance and ask us if you have any questions.

Entering the clinic:

  • You will be required to bring your own mask but gloves are not necessary (we will ask you to remove gloves if you arrive in them).
  • You will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided (or your own if you wish) before entering the clinic.
  • I will be wearing a mask, visor, apron and gloves to conduct your consultation and treatment.
  • You should only bring in to the clinic what is needed for your appointment everything else should be left in your car.

During the appointment:

  • A normal physical examination may be necessary and I will conduct this whilst wearing the Personal Protective Equipment above. This may, inevitably involve close contact.
  • We will, where possible, avoid this close contact but sometimes it will be unavoidable and if you would prefer that this did not take place then please rebook for an online consultation.
  • The length of the appointments will be reduced to a maximum of 40 minutes for both injury assessment and a sports massage treatment.
  • Where possible we will ask you to remain clothed, where it is not possible we would ask that you wear appropriate clothing so that we can assess the area that is symptomatic. Shorts and a vest top are useful for most assessments.

After the appointment:

  • We can't accept cash for patients. A contactless terminal or BACS payment will need to be made.

Please take a moment to watch the video below and familiarise yourself with the clinic's entry procedure.

COVID Entry Procedure for Movement Therapy Clinics Birmingham